Santa Clara Swim Club

SCSC Competitive: Gold I  


Practice schedule*

Mon - Fri

6:45PM - 7:45 PM
9:45 - 11:00 AM  

Dryland: Currently no dryland scheduled for Gold 1. 

* All practices at ISC unless noted

* For updates check  SCSC Practice Schedules page  and your email for "Weekly Chlorine"  send out on Sundays.

Swim meets 

Meets Gold 1 is attending

Oct 2019-Feb 2020

  • Oct 5-6
    Gilroy Gator CBA+ Gilroy,CA

  • Oct 25-27
    SCSC-Morgan Hill, Morgan Hill

  • Nov 15-17
    Race to JO Monterey Bay Swim Club, Monterey Bay

  • Dec 14-15
    Zone 1 South JO Minus, Morgan Hill

  • Jan 11-12
    San Benito CBA, Hollister

  • Feb 15-16
    Osprey CBA, San Jose

Check coach emails for updates and additions.

About the group

Requirements & Expectations


  • Can Swim 100 yards of freestyle without stopping

  • Can Swim 100 yards of backstroke without stopping

  • Can Kick breaststroke and/or butterfly legally for 50 yards

  • Performs flip turns for freestyle

Skills Taught/reinforced

  • Can perform legal turns

  • Has completed the USA Swimming dive progression

  • Knows backstroke stroke count and uses the backstroke flags

  • Consistently holds streamline and kicks 3 dolphin kicks

  • Understands IM order and performs IM transitions

  • Knows Drill Progressions

Equipment Used/Required

  • Kick board

  • Fins (short)

  • Junior Buoy


  • Swimmer participates in multiple sports/activities

  • Introduction to stretching, balance and coordination skills

  • Introduction to games that include skipping, hopping, jumping, throwing, crawling

Swimmer and Parent Education

  • 2-3 x annual parent meeting

  • Understands importance of Group Warm Up/Warm Down

  • Encourages Swimmers to communicate with coaches

  • Understands how to use SwimConnection/FastSwims

  • Continued education in Long Term Athlete Development model

Character Development/Life Skills

  • Swimmer knows the name of training group above

  • Swimmer listens to the coach suggestions and tries to make changes

  • Swimmer can follow directions and gives coach attention during explanations

  • Swimmer involves self in team activities/cheering/support of teammates/TEAM PRIDE