Competitive: Senior I


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Coach Anna


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Swim Meets 

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  • Age group: Highschool Swimmers

  • Senior 1 Parent Handout (Oct 2019)

Requirements & Expectations


  • Kick 100s @ 2:10scy while maintaining proper technique

  • IM 100s @ 1:50cy while maintaining proper technique

  • Free 100s @ 1:35scy while maintaining proper technique

  • Competes in meets monthly All Championship meets.

Skills Taught/reinforced

  • Leaving walls correctly

  • Knowing how to read the clock

  • Knowing how to: build, pace, negative split, descend, best average, stroke count, all legal strokes

  • Continue working on Starts and Turns

  • Willing to make technical changes

  • Goal Setting

Equipment Used/Required

  • Kick board

  • Fins

  • Snorkel

  • Buoy

  • Paddles (stroke makers)


  • Core

  • Proper Form

  • Attention to detail


  • Diet

  • Taper

  • Social Media

  • Attitudes

Character Development/Life Skills

  • Championship Behavior Self-motivation.

  • Can ignore negative influences

  • Take responsibility for their sport (actions and attendance)

  • Desire to be your best

  • Work Ethic Time Management

  • Positive Contributor to Team Environment