Santa Clara Swim Club

SCSC Competitive: Yellow Bell I


Coach Chris, Co-Lead

Coach Mark
Yellow Bells Head Coach

Practice schedule

M-F 4-5PM MG

Practice Updates: Check our website and club /coach emails each week for the latest. 

Swim Meets 

Meets Yellow Bells will be attending:

  • Sep 28
    SCSC Intrasquad, ISC

  • October 5-6
    GGST, Morgan Hill

  • October 16
    Yellow Bell Parent Meeting
    (5:15-6:15 PM) ISC

  • October 25-27
    SCSC CBA+ Meet Morgan Hill

  • November 2-3
    PASA Invite
    (qualifiers only/club enters) Palo Alto Yellow 3 only

  • November 15-17
    MBSC CBA+, 

  • December 6-8
    14 & Under JO Championships (qualifiers) San Jose

  • Dec 14-15
    Zone 1 South JO Minus, Morgan Hill 

  • December 21-23
    San Diego Winter AG Champs (select team) San Diego

Check coach emails for updates and additions.

About the group

Requirements & Expectations


  • Attendance in 3 meets

  • Kick 50s @ 1:20scy/1:30lcm

  • IM 100s @ 2:30scy

  • Free 100s @ 2:15scy/2:30lcm

  • Completes Dive Progressions (document)

  • Competes in USA Swimming sanctioned meets

Skills Taught

  • Drop and Push with 3 Underwater Dolphin Kicks

  • Begin to Read the Clock

  • Understand Legal Swimming

  • Understand Legal Turns

  • Introduction to sculling/feeling water

  • Introduction to Drill Progressions

  • Focus on Head Position, Body Line, Foot Speed/DPS

  • Introduction to breathing patterns (every 3 for free, every other for fly)

  • Introduction to USA Swimming’s IM Ready Program (

Equipment Used/Required

  • Kick board

  • Fins (Short)


Swimmer will play broad based movement gamesSwimmer will participate in multiple sports/activities


Parent Education

2-3 x annual parent meeting Understands how to use SwimConnection/FastSwims Introduced to the role of the parent, swimmer and coach in Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)


Character Development/Life Skills

  • Swimmer knows team name and colors

  • Swimmer will swim the entire length of the set without standing

Attendance and Participation

  • Although there is not an attendance requirement for the YB1 Group, swimmers are encouraged to attend no less than 3 practices per week.

  • Swimmers must participate in meets listed on the group’s schedule. Any swimmers who cannot attend a listed meet should communicate with the coach.

  • Swimmers should get coach’s approval prior to entering any meets not listed on the meet schedule.