Competitive: Yellow Bell III 


Coach Mark, Lead
Yellow Group Head Coach

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Coach Chris


Check weekly for practice updates and other group events, meets. 

Pool & schedule updates as of Feb 1st:
Y2, Y3
@Bellarmine, Y1 @MG



Meets Yellow Bells will be attending:​

  • Jan 11-12
    SanBenito Aquatics(SBA) CBA+ Meet, Hollister

  • Jan 31-Feb2
    Brian Malick Zone 1 South Champs, Morgan Hill

  • Feb 15-16
    Osprey Aquatics CBA+, San Jose

  • Feb 29-Mar 1
    Quicksilver CBA+, San Jose

  • March 1
    Zone All-Star Meet (qualifiers), ISC

  • March 13-15
    Spring JOs (qualifiers), ISC

  • March 21-22
    Gilroy Gators CBA+, Gilroy

  • April 2-5
    Far Western Championships . (qualifiers), Pleasanton

Check coach emails for updates.


Requirements & Expectations


  • IMX Score (

  • 8 x100 Free scy @ 1:45 while maintaining proper technique

  • 8 x 100 IM scy @ 2:00 while maintaining proper technique

  • 10 x 50 Kick scy @ 1:05 while maintaining proper technique

  • Four 10 & Under National A times, one must be 100 yards or longer

Skills Taught

  • Understands Drill Progressions for each stroke

  • Can apply breathing patterns during practice/races

  • Can perform 5 underwater dolphin kicks off wall during practices and sets

  • Understands stroke counts for all 4 strokes (19 or less for free and back/12 or less for breast and fly)

  • Can perform legal 200 IM including turns Can perform relay exchanges

  • Can calculate times by reading the clock

Equipment Used/Required

  • Kick board Fins (short)

  • Junior Buoy

  • Snorkel

  • Paddles (size 0.5 Stroke Makers)


Introduction to Dryland (movement games, jump rope, dynamic warm up). Swimmer participates in multiple sports/activities


Parent Education

  • 2-3 x annual parent meeting

  • Understands importance of Group Warm Up/Warm Down

  • Encourages swimmer to communicate with coaches Understands how to use SwimConnection/FastSwims

  • Encouraged to take the Stroke and Turn course

  • Swimmers participation encouraged in Pacific Swimming activities (Zones, Camps, etc) per coach instruction

  • Continued education in Long Term Athlete Development model

Character Development/Life Skills

  • Swimmer begins to understand time management (Homework, friends, etc)

  • During practice the swimmer will: start on time, finish at the wall, follow directions, complete entire set

  • The swimmer learns basic race strategies, breathing patterns

  • Swimmer introduce to 9 Core Values of the First Tee program

Attendance and Participation

  • Although there is not an attendance requirement for the YB3 Group, swimmers are encouraged to attend no less than 5-6 practices per week.

  • Swimmers must participate in meets listed on the group’s schedule. Any swimmers who cannot attend a listed meet should communicate with the coach.

  • Swimmers should get coach’s approval prior to entering any meets not listed on the meet schedule.