Santa Clara Swim Club

Welcome To SCSC Developmental Swimming

Office hours

International Swim Center  

Monday through Friday
12:00PM - 3:00PM  


408-246-5050 x014


  • Shauna Morley, White 1

  • Victory Huhyn, White 2

  • Laura Peterson, Pre Comp

  • Anna Contreras, Pre Comp

  • Julia Peterson, Pre Comp, W2

  • Kyle Tracey, Bell Fit


About the program

The Santa Clara Swim Club Developmental Program is the flow thru program between our Learn to Swim program and Competitive swimming. Swimmers will develop their technique in all four strokes while increasing their endurance levels.  Developmental groups are built by athletes' age first then level preparedness.

White Bell 2 / White Bell 1 groups are our first level of competitive swimmers.  BELLfIT  is a noncompetitive group.  BELLfIT allows swimmers to cultivate a love and appreciation for swimming while increasing endurance, health and general physical fitness levels.

Visit group pages below for details on each group's goals, schedules and coaches. 

Developmental Flow

Age 9 & Under
White 2  to  Yellow 2 Developmental

Age 10
White 1 to Yellow 2 Advanced or Yellow 1

Age 11-13
White 1 to Blue Bell

High School Age
White 1 to Performance B