Santa Clara Swim Club

SCSC White Bell I Group


Coach Shauna, lead
White Bell 1,2,3 & Bell Fit

email Coach Shauna

Coach Anna

Coach Paula

Coach Maria

Practice schedule

MWF  4:00-4:45 Wilson

Swim meets

Meets White Bells will be attending:

  • Oct 25-27
    SCSC CBA+ Meet, Morgan Hill

  • Dec14th
    Intrasquad, Milpitas 

  • Jan 11th
    Intrasquad, Milpitas

  • Feb 15-16
    Osprey Aquatics CBA+, SJ

  • Feb 29th-March 1
    Quicksilver Swimming CBA+, SJ

  • March 21-22
    Gilroy Gators CBA+, Gilroy

Check coach emails for updates.

About the group 

  • Ages 10&Under

Requirements & Expectations


  • 25 yards legal freestyle

  • 25 yards legal backstroke

  • Developing Breaststroke

  • Developing Dolphin kick

  • Agrees to compete in SCSC hosted meets

Skills Taught

  • Bilateral breathing

  • Ready position Holding

  • Streamline Position

  • Introduction to flip turns

  • Dive from a kneeling position

  • Breaststroke timing Introduction to pulldowns

  • Developing Butterfly (Timing)

  • Introduction to Backstroke Flags Circle Swimming

Equipment Used/Required

  • Kick board

  • Fins


  • Swimmers will play broad based movement games

  • Swimmers will participate in multiple sports/activities

Parent Education

  • 2-3 x annual parent meeting

  • Introduced to the role of the parent, swimmer and coach in Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

  • Introduction to USOC/ USA Swimming MAAPP and Safe Sport programl

Character Development/Life Skills

  • Swimmer knows team name and colors

  • Swimmer will learn in a group environment and develop a concept of being on a team