About SCSC

Vision: We are committed to being a world-class swimming organization.

Our mission is to inspire athletes to pursue excellence through the sport of swimming.


Our training philosophy

Our quest is to ignite the potential in our athletes by embracing the values embodied in the Olympic charter: The pursuit of personal excellence. Harmony between mind and body. Joy found in effort. Health and Fitness.  Respect for others. Ethical conduct. Fair play.

The training philosophy at SCSC can be summed up as “Progressive Adaptation.” 
The science behind this mode of training is not new. The adaptive philosophy is a proven method, and is the strategy of choice among the top swim clubs in the nation.  The SCSC coaching staff recognizes and embraces the different developmental phases of our swimmers, from age group through young adulthood, and progressively adapts training to best meet needs at each level.


Our program foundation, principles, core values

A hard work ethic, goal setting, tenacity, not being defeated by failure, joy found in effort, good sportsmanship, personal responsibility, health, striving for personal excellence and the value of the journey.

The Club is a Silver Medal Team in the USA Swimming Club Excellence program. The competitive team program identifies and recognizes USA Swimming clubs for their commitment to excellence in operation, performance, and the support and development of USA Swimming.


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