Santa Clara Swim Club

Angela Quan Visits Olympic Training Center- USA Swimming Diversity Camp

Allison Beebe
May 9, 2019

Last weekend, SCSC swimmer Angela Quan had the honor of attending USA Swimming's 2019 National Diversity Select Camp. Angela shared the following about her experience:

     Attending the National Diversity Select Camp and being able to train in the Olympic Training Center was a great experience and I am glad I was given the opportunity to attend. The camp was lots of fun but I also learned and gained a lot from the experience. They really kept us busy with a bunch of activities over the weekend.
       First off, I was able to meet, race, and train with a lot of great people that came from all over the country. I got to build a lot of friendships this weekend and look forward to seeing them again. Also, being able to have the privilege to train in this facility was amazing. It was incredible to be able to swim in the pool knowing what other people that once trained here had accomplished. I enjoyed being able to experience the dorms and the food court that many other athletes have frequented. The camp provided us with resources and information to aid us in improving our swimming career. They prepared us to enter and compete on the national level and how to aid us in the journey there. In the pool, we were able to experience the effects of the altitude during exercise. It really amped up the practice intensity and made practice a lot harder. The coaches there really pumped us up to strive through the practice and put in all the effort we could. Even though the practices were hard, the feeling of accomplishment after was amazing.
       All in all, I enjoyed the National Diversity Select Camp and would definitely consider going to more camps down the road. The camp has greatly increased my knowledge in the sport of swimming and the things we can do out of the pool to improve. It has inspired me that I can set more goals and accomplish more things down the road. This past weekend has impacted the way I'm going to approach and improve my swimming career.

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