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Steve Sifferman, President
[email protected]

Hamilton Nguyen, Vice President
[email protected]

Jennifer Reagan, Secretary
[email protected]

, Treasurer
[email protected]

Chris Cavanaugh, Member at large
[email protected]

, Member at large

[email protected]





Next Membership Meeting Date

SCSC Board of Directors is hosting a year-end General Membership call December 28th at 7pm.  

The Board is hosting the final open membership meeting of 2020 on December 28th beginning at 7 PM PST.  While the club has faced many challenges these past few years, we have enacted material changes to the business practices to not only recover from the past abuses but to emerge as a stronger organization. To that end, we have instituted new employment requirements, policies, procedures, systems, and oversight.   As a result of these efforts, SCSC has obtained Safe Sport status, survived a pandemic, and continued operations while simultaneously strengthening our balance sheet supporting SCSC athlete's pursuit of athletic and personal excellence.

We hope you will join the Board for this informative call.  We look forward to 2021 as we continue to build upon a stable foundation to serve the program for years to come.   Please send any questions you may have to [email protected].  As time permits, we will address questions along with an open Q&A.    

Please join the meeting at

Stay Safe & Happy Holidays

SCSC Board of Directors




Previous Membership Meeting 

Agenda: General Updates and Covid Reopening Plans