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Announcing the 2018 SCSC Masters Youth Scholarship Program: 

A $1000 Scholarship, generated from donations from our SCSC Masters Swimmer's for Youth Swimming, will be awarded to One High School Graduate from Santa Clara Swim Club.

Award will be presented in May.

​Remembering 2017 Winners:

Jenny Ma, Aditya Jangid, Hayley O'Brien


Santa Clara Swim Club
SCSC MASTERS: Application for SCSC Masters $1000 Scholarship - High School Senior


Application Instructions:

Please complete the attached application form to apply for the SCSC Masters Annual Scholarship and submit it by April 30, 2018 to Coach Gary’s E-mail Address or Coach Gary’s Employee Box.   Late applications will not be accepted.   (


• Must be a High School Senior swimming with SCSC Program and will go on to swim In a Division I, Division II, Division III, or NAIA College Swim Team. 

• Must be accepted to be enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning for the upcoming fall semester.  

* Application Form - cut and paste to word


Personal Information:  

First Name: ___________________ Last Name: _______________________

Address: __________________________________ City: _________________ Zip: _______

Home Phone: ____________________   Mobile (optional) __________________

E-Mail: _______________________  

Educational Information

High School Attended: __________________   Will Be Attending College at: ______________________

Will Graduated in/Or Graduated on:  __________________

Educational Achievements (examples “National Honors Society”, “Valedictorian”), and Extracurricular Activities (examples “Volunteer Local Hospital”, “Job”, “Other Sport”, “Clubs, Title or Position Held”).

  1. ____________________ ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________
  2.  ____________________ ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________
  3. ____________________ ________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
  1.  ____________________ ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________
  2.  ____________________ ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


Essay Question

While reflecting on your past and looking towards the future, write an essay titled "What Swimming Means to Me", in 1500 words or less.