Santa Clara Swim Club




We are committed to being a world-class swimming organization.


Our mission is to inspire athletes to pursue excellence through the sport of swimming

Our Guiding Principles:
Santa Clara Swim Club has been developing champions since its founding by George Haines in 1951.  His vision to develop world-class individuals through the sport of swimming remains the cornerstone of our program.

In keeping with Haine's philosophy, our coaches and swimmers identify themselves as both educators and students with the pool as their classroom.  Our quest is to ignite the potential in each of our athletes by embracing the values embodied in the Olympic charter.

  • The pursuit of personal excellence
  • Harmony between mind and body
  • Joy found in effort
  • Health and Fitness
  • Respect for others
  • Ethical conduct
  • Fair play

Carrying forth this tradition of excellence, SCSC offers our community a full service swimming program designed to meet the needs of every member.

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