SCSC Milpitas

Age Group Swimming


Age Group Coach: Jerome Ilagan

Age Group Competitive is comprised of male and female swimmers ages 15 and under. This group is a part of the competitive swimming team and is designed to help swimmers reach the JO’s level of swimming. Swimmers will compete in mainly C/B/A+ Meets. Swimmers are highly encouraged to attend one meet a month. 



Jerome Illegan

Jerome Ilagan
Age Group & Age Group Advanced Coach


M-F 5:30-7:30PM

Site Supervisor
Kyler VanSwol

Milpitas High Aquatic Center 1231 Arizona Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035


Requirements & Expectations

To be eligible for AG Competitive swimmers should be able to complete 6x100 Freestyle @ 2:05 and 8x50 Kick @ 1:20. Swimmers should be legal in all strokes and turns, understand send of intervals, and leave most walls in streamline position.  All move ups are at the discretion of the coach. 

From Age-Group Competitive swimmers will move into Age Group advanced. Age Group Advanced will practice alongside AG Competitive but will practice an extra 15 minutes on Monday and Wednesday. The goal of this group is to help swimmers transition into the performance group. 

To be eligible for AG Advanced a swimmer needs to complete 8x100 Free @ 1:40 and 10x50 kick @ 1:10. Swimmers should be proficient in backstroke and freestyle. Swimmers should be taking 4 dolphin kicks off most walls and leaving all walls in streamline. 

Swimmers wishing to move up should be maintaining a minimum 50% attendance average in Age Group Competitive. All move ups are at the discretion of the coach. 

$145/month + $73 Pacific Swimming Annual Registration + $150 Team Fee (includes cap and 3 t-shirts)


Volunteer Hours
10 Hours per season (September thru August) at Meets hosted by SCSC. This excludes meet timing. Parents are required to volunteer as meet timers for one hour for any meet their swimmer participates in