December 9, 2021


Chris Cavanaugh OLY

SCSC Club President

Dear Members

We have jumped into swim meets in December!  And 2021 is almost over! 

I wanted to express to our volunteers and families my thanks.  Without you our home meets would sink, and the kids lose out.  Many thanks for stepping up, taking on roles and duties that ensure their experiences are rewarding and fulfilling.  

These last several months messages, notes, and statements have been made regarding the positive developments around the club.  Our organization, and our kids are responding to a culture that gives them the opportunity to grow emotionally, physically, and competitively.  So much goes into making it happen, and for all of those “things” we are thankful. 

Here in December our athletes have had a chance to pursue their stated seasonal goals, to challenge themselves in workouts, and try to deliver in competition.  Moving past the obstacles, they have been able to put the shutdowns and stoppages behind and focus on being kids and having fun.

Thank you volunteers for stepping up to handle two (2) home meets back-to-back.  By helping Pacific Swimming and our colleagues at Walnut Creek host the Senior meet we have “paid it forward” and will host a wonderful event which is welcomed and appreciated.

November and December are about family.  I hope SCSC is a supportive home for your children, their aspirations, and development.  That it is also a place where our staff can expand their professional abilities and learn to be good stewards for your athletes and our sport. 

Happy Holidays to you all and thank you again for volunteering to support our swim events!



Chris Cavanaugh OLY

Santa Clara Swim Club President