Yesterday the club was informed by the MSUD we were not selected to continue operations at the Milpitas High School facility.  


Five years ago the club entered an arrangement to assist the school with its programming such as PE and sports, while also offering the surrounding community aquatic services such as swimming, learn to swim, and open swim with lifeguards and community outreach.  Though we have been recognized by the district and school for the programming and support, the recent RFP was awarded to another organization.  


SCSC has opened the doorway to the Milpitas aquatics community, and we are proud to have served.  The goal of the club is not just to be a competitive program, but one fostering the education and life skills swimming and aquatic based activities provide in our communities.  Our coaches and staff supporting our programming at this site have been exemplary ambassadors for the club.  We thank Kyler and Jerome, in particular, for their time and service spreading the SCSC legacy at Milpitas High School.  Our coaches, the water polo squad, and the swim team members have been helpful and supportive developing the Milpitas site.  We are appreciative of the opportunity growing these athletes and look forward to their futures with SCSC and in the sport!  


With that in mind, we will continue to look at options in the area to support our mission of spreading the aquatics initiatives set by SCSC which support the growth of the sport and development of the community's youth.


SCSC will continue workouts at Milpitas until June 30th.  Until that time we would like to encourage our athletes to come to the ISC, where on June 15th the pool will reopen to full service, open lane status, where the club will return to normal workouts with lanes fully open to all swimmers!  


Coaches, please encourage your athletes to put in their best efforts, have fun, enjoy the summer programming, and Go SCSC!


We will host a call for the coaches shortly so please be on the lookout for the notice.    


​Chris Cavanaugh OLY

Board President