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About our program

Santa Clara Swim Club offers the most extensive range of competitive and recreational swimming programs in the area. From water babies taking their first plunge to masters with thousands of swimming miles behind them. SCSC has it all!   

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International Swim Center
2625 Patricia Drive, Santa Clara CA

Mon Tue Thu Fri  9:30 - 5:30PM
Wed 11:00AM - 5:30PM

408 246 5050

Rising Stars Group Contact Info:

408-246-5050 x014


Groups and coaches

Click on Requirements for group specific requirements and progression. Indivudal group pages coming back soon as we are updating each with details. 

Senior | High School Age Swimmers

Senior 1
Senior 2 (Freshmen and Sophmores)
Senior 3 (Junior and Seniors)
Senior 4 National Group

Pre-Senior | Ages 13-14

Pre-Senior 1
Pre-Senior 2
Pre-Senior 3
Pre-Senior 4

Age Group | Ages 11-12

Age Group 1 (Ages 11-13)
Age Group 2
Age Group 3
Age Group 4 Boys 
Age Group 4 Girls 

Supernovas | Ages 10 &under

Supernovas 1 (Ages 6-9)
Supernovas 2 (Ages-7-10)
Supernovas 3 (Ages 8-10)


Rising Stars | Ages 10 & under

Rising Stars 1
Rising Stars 2
Rising Stars 3


Our Coaches

Visit our Coaches section to learn more about our coaches.

New to swimming? Check out our Learn To Swim School