Santa Clara Swim Club

Motivation:  why size doesn't matter .... !!!

It's heart more than anything.

If you want it bad enough, and, believe if you got the talent, no one should out work ya !!!

Neither of these two NFL Hall of Famers were the biggest, but, one went down as the greatest to ever play the game, and, the other one of the greatest Linebackers of all time.

Believe there is way.   Mike Singletary was told he was too slow, too small to play NFL Linebacker.   But he had the desire to be the best.

Being Perfect meant you gave your best, there was not one more thing you could have done. If you can do that, than you are perfect.

When you swim today, feel it, feel the glory.  For a moment, develop in your mind a thought, cross that finish line first everytime.  

There are folks with more talent than you, but, there is no excuse for someone out working you.