PASA-DKS is a competitive swimming program for kids aged 4-18, located at Fremont Hills Country Club's beautiful 8 lane, 50m pool in Los Altos, CA.

PASA-DKS Mission

PASA-DKS's main goal is to create great people through the sport of swimming. Our goal is to hold our swimmers to the highest standards both in and out of the pool, while giving them the guidance necessary to achieve to their highest potential in whatever field they choose. We will focus on teaching proper technique, confidence, and goal setting to advance swimmers from beginning age groupers to successful senior level athletes. We understand that not all of our athletes will become great swimmers, but our goal is that every swimmer that comes through our programs recieves the skills necessary to become great people.


PASA-DKS Team Philosophy

Our team philosophy flows from our mission statement. All of the coaches at PASA-DKS believe in teaching the essentials first and creating a solid base of technique, emotional and social maturity, and work ethic for swimmers to build off of as they move from group to group. Coaches will not advance a swimmer that they do not believe is ready. Our goal is to produce great people and great senior level swimmers who love the sport and will continue swimming through college and on into adulthood.

Welcome to our team and family!