welcome to Westside Aquatics


Westside Aquatics was established in 2004 by Head Coach Adam Blakis.

Westside Aquatics is a competitive program designed to give children the opportunity to progress from the earliest levels of swimming to championship competition. We encourage our swimmers to work with their coaches as a team to cultivate a love, appreciation, and respect for the sport. Our team supports the growth of our members from swim lessons to the national competition level.

The emphasis during the early levels of Westside's program is placed on skill development and FUN.  These components evolve in the later levels of our training program into more physically demanding and challenging workouts.  Our goal is to develop each individual to the best of their abilities.

Westside believes that part of developing a great athlete is his or her own “ownership” and participation in designing a program that works for each of them. We respect that swimmers have different goals be it in the pool or educationally; we happily provide an environment where striving to accomplish individual goals is possible.  



  • It is important to regularly check the team website and to read emails and Newsletters from the team for the most current information about Westside.  
  • You are also encouraged to contact General Manager, Valerie Williams with any questions or concerns, regarding our programs. [email protected] 818-259-6575