"My daughter has been taking swim lessons for the past two years at Westside Aquatics at the Maggie Gilbert pool. What a great experience! My daughter worked with Coach James and Coach Sophya, starting from age 4 1/2 years, when she was a beginning swimmer. Now she is going on 7 years, and she has developed into a confident, good swimmer with excellent form, who can really enjoy herself and hold her own with confidence in any pool and in the ocean. We love Westside Aquatics! It's very well-run--management and staff are professional, friendly, responsive and flexible. The coaches at Westside are highly experienced and very encouraging to the kids. Management is amenable to suggestions for improvement. The coaches are paired with students based on the student's swimming ability and personality. The staff try to honor parent requests for certain coaches if possible. Lessons start and end on time, and there is always attention to technique, form and of course, fun! Go Westside!" ~ R.C

"We are a very happy, loyal Westside customers. My son is now 4 1/2 and has been taking lessons since he was three years old and not able to swim at all. He is now a confident swimmer who can swim across the entire length of the lesson pool; dive to the bottom of the pool for toys; and swim on his back as well. The teachers we've had seem to strike the perfect balance between teaching necessary skills and having fun. There is never a single complaint about getting in the pool for swim lessons, even in colder weather. I highly recommend Westside Aquatics to any parent seeking high-quality instruction for their child " ~ Beth Abrams

"Mike Bechtholdt is one of the greatest, most genuine coaches I've had. I started swimming for him when I was 13 years old and had very little knowledge or experience. Coming into the group, I was new to the team and wasn't sure what to do, but Mike immediately saw my potential and took me under his wing. His humorous and loving personality was apparent in every practice, which provided a fun environment and motivated me, but he also maintained the authoritative figure necessary to drive me. Mike has the unique quality of being able to reach out and connect with his swimmers regardless of gender, age, race or ability. He has helped me to grow as a person and has taught me many life lessons, and I ended up achieving a 2012 Olympic Trials cut when I was only 14. Although Mike is now a former coach of mine, he is still a friend, father figure and coach. I am forever thankful to him for broadening my horizons and guiding me through life as well as swimming because I know that if it wasn't for him, I would not be where I am today." ~ Abby Weitzeil (World Record SCM 200 Free Relay, American Record 100 FR, National High School Records 50/100 FR)