Aqua Circuit Class

Private lessons available by appointment.

Group classes are on Winter Break.

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In this class, we use the resistance and weightlessness of your body in the water to strengthen and sculpt your muscles while deepening your awareness to your breath in combination with movement.

This is a powerful workout for anyone, including people with physical limitations, recovering from injuries, pre and post pregnancy, and for athletes that want to turn it up a notch and cross train with the added weight of water. Working out in the water creates a strong core. With direction, water propels you into full body alignment. You can get your heart rate up and keep the impact low on your joints. You control the amount of intensity of each exercise by how hard you push into the water. For example, one of the movements we do is based on an exercise that NFL quarterbacks use to train. Doing this in a pool with the additional pressure of water builds the strength and endurance needed to make a touch down, or to generally feel stronger and more vital in your daily life activities.  


Shallow water class is great for all fitness levels. Emphasis is on total body toning and conditioning through water resistance, a fantastic group exercise experience! Stabilize joints, plus strengthen and elongate muscles with drills and exercises. With the unique pool environment, you will automatically balance the abductor and adductor muscle load. You'll be able to amp up your workout to the level that is best suited for you by using the push of the water to create weight and drag. At the end of class, we will flow through yoga postures that are harder to access on land, stretching using the weightlessness and support of the water. 


Deep water class is for the above average exerciser who seeks a fun cardio workout. Buoyancy belts are worn and designed to give your spine great alignment and support while moving freely in the water, so you can amp up your efforts safely. Class includes the use of hand buoys that act like weights in the water. This class is excellent for people looking to cross train, tone their bodies, and participate in a cardiovascular conditioning workout.


Pool Address
15777 Bowdoin St
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
street parking on Temescal Canyon


Recommended to Bring
 * Cap *

* Rash Guard*
 * Suncreen *
 * Goggles *
* Water bottle *

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Vanessa K. Weinberg

Vanessa is an alignment-based yoga teacher, nutritional health coach, AEA certified aquatics instructor, & fitness coach. She is a full spectrum teacher, having worked with an array of clients including professional athletes, performers, people with injuries, expecting & new moms, & humans in their golden years. Vanessa has been invited within the US & abroad to provide wellness teachings to individuals and corporations since 1997. As a teacher, she is known for her ability to provide simple keys to successful living, based on an individual's body type and age, helping people to grow stronger and healthier as they mature. Vanessa is currently based in Venice, CA, after living in NYC & Princeton, NJ for 20 years. She weaves her unique skill set into Yoga & fitness workshops with the intention to inspire people to wake up & create excellence, every day, in their lives. Vanessa is the founder of