Jerry Johnston

Thanksgiving Schedule 11/24: Normal Wednesday schedule 11/25: Off For Everyone 11/26: Junior 8-10 NH 11/27: Senior 8-9:30, Junior 9:30-11, White group OFF Woodridge Christmas Schedule All Red and White Groups are off 12/20-1/1 and resume normal schedules on 1/3 12/20: Senior 8-10 NH, Junior 5:30-7:30 Lindbergh 12/21: Senior 8-10 NH, Junior 5:30-7:30 Lindbergh 12/22: Senior 8-10 NH, Junior 5:30-7:30 Lindbergh 12/23: Junior 5:30-7:30 Lindbergh 12/24: Off 12/25: Off 12/26-1/1: Off 1/3: Normal schedule resumes

Brendan Weibel

We will be hosting a 2nd round of tryouts on September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for new members! Renton Tryouts will be at Lindbergh High School on September 1st at 5:30pm Bellevue Tryouts will be at the Bellevue Aquatic Center on September 1st and 2nd at 5:00pm More information can be found here.

Brendan Weibel

The first tryouts for the 2021-2022 season will take place on July 29th and 30th! Please see this link for more information!