Chinook Training

When is practice?

Please go to this link and see when and where your swimmer is practicing. If there are changes to this schedule, you will be notified by email from a coach.

When should your swimmer arrive for practice?

Please try to have your swimmer arrive to practice at least 5 minutes before the start of practice. Once the time of the practice begins, the expectation is for swimmers to be ready to swim.

How do I pick up my swimmer from practice?

At Fairwood, wait in your car for your swimmer to walk around the pool after exiting through the east gate. At Newport Hills, wait in your car for your swimmer to exit through the tennis court side. At Woodridge, wait in your car at the top of the stairs for your swimmer to exit through the Woodridge main exit.

Can parents watch practice?

Absolutely. Please remember that the coach's job during your swimmer's practice is to coach.  If you have any questions about your swimmer or about what our practices consist of, you are welcome to reach out to your swimmer's lead coach and setup a meeting.

How many practices does my swimmer need to attend?

We do not have strict guidelines about how many practices your athlete should attend, but ideally swimmers should be attending 100% of practices.

What do swimmers need to bring to practice?

Each group will have an equipment list. You can find that information at this link. Please have bring these items to every practice. A mesh bag works great to carry your athlete's equipment. Especially during Covid, we cannot have athletes sharing equipment.

How do I contact my swimmer's coach?

Please go to this link to see which coach is the lead for your athlete's group. Feel free to email them directly or you can send an email to [email protected] which will go to the entire coaching staff.