Training Groups

Red Group

This group is an introduction to competitive swimming for swimmers at the novice level. This group will emphasize technique for the four strokes (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke). They will learn streamlining, dives, and turns. Endurance training is not stressed. Children swim twice weekly for one hour. Swimmers are encouraged (but not required) to swim in meets and they are monitored for advancement to our next level. Swimmers' ages generally range from 7-12.

White Group

Our White group offers four one-hour practices each week. Swimmers may attend as many each week as they like. Stroke instruction is predominant with an increased amount of endurance training, and is presented with a low-key approach. Swimmers are introduced to organized sets and intervals, as well as learning to read the pace clock. Swimmers' ages generally range from 9-12.

Blue Group

Blue group swimmers refine the skills taught in the previous groups. The intensity of the workouts is increased with a greater amount of endurance training. Swimmers are introduced to organized sets as part of each practice. Practices are six hours each week and split into four days per week.  Swimmers' ages range generally from 10-13

Sectional Group

The Sectional workout group is a highly competitive group that consists of swimmers with the commitment and motivation to regularly attend high-quality practices. Training is geared toward the preparation of each swimmer for the Age Group Regional competition and ultimately Senior swimming.  Practices are 9-11 hours per week.  Swimmers' ages range generally from 11-14.

Senior Group

The Senior workout group consists of the top swimmers in the club based on age and ability. The goal of this group is to train toward Senior Sectionals and National-level competition. Workouts are highly competitive in nature. The Senior program demands regular workout attendance and the total commitment that is necessary to achieve a swimmer's full potential. Many Junior and Senior National qualifiers come out of this group, as well as State High School Champions. The Senior group swims nine workouts a week, with dryland training. All swimmers are in High School.