FAST Senior Swimmers

Celebrating our high school seniors during their last season with us!


Class of 2020


Name: Sydney Britton

Nickname(s): Syd, Squidney

High School / Mascot: Stadium Tigers

“Swimming Is Life”

We were asked to write about Sydney, her accomplishments in and out of the pool, as well as her future plans.  (Holy smokes, she’s going away to college…soon!)

Syd has spent over half her life at the Fife Aquatic Center!  She learned to swim at Fife, starting lessons around 7 years old and finishing Swim America Level 10 at 9 years old.  Try to find her picture hanging on the wall.  After some coaxing from Coach Dave she decided to join the club team (KING) in the fall of 2011, at 9 years old (4th grade).  Yes, KING used to be the club team at the Fife pool.  This is Syd’s ninth year as a club swimmer, spending 3 seasons with KING, then staying at the Fife pool when FAST started up.  This is Syd’s sixth season with FAST!

Getting started as a club swimmer was not easy.  Syd was very nervous.  However, some of the nervousness was a bit over the top, especially when it came to a pool where she had never swam before.  There were MANY occasions when we would drive to the pool during the week before the meet just so she could see the pool.  How tall were the blocks?  How high is the water level from the pool deck?  How do I get out of the pool?  Where does the team sit?  How early do we need to get to the pool?

With FAST, Syd has always been one of the oldest swimmers on the team.  As parents, we have been learning as we go.  We’ve had our share of blunders.  One that sticks out the most is when Syd got a PNS Champs LC cut in the 200 Back, at the Wine Country meet as a 12 year old.  We had no idea what that meant and had already planned a summer vacation during the week of PNS Champs!  We didn’t change our vacation.  Now we know, vacations are not planned until those precious 4 weeks in August.

High school and high school swimming add a very different dynamic.  The swimmers and their parents will all agree swimming in high school is set up to be a team competition.  All meets and events are exactly the same and in the same order.  Plus the swimmers are limited to 2 individual and 2 relays per meet…even into the District & State Championship meets.  For club parents, an enjoyable part has to be the length of meets.  It is rare they go longer than 2 hours!

During Syd’s high school years, she has been very focused and determined with her classes and swimming.  Academically, Syd has maintained a 4.0 GPA, including six AP classes (Spanish, Calculus, Chemistry, Language, Literature & Physics), and taken four College in the High School classes for college credits.  She has been involved in Stadium’s chapter of the National Honor Society, officially inducted as a Junior, and elected Chapter President for her Senior year.  As for swimming, she is a 4-year Varsity swimmer, and 2-year Team Captain (voted by teammates).  She swam at the District Champs meet, all 4 years, including a number of podium finishes.  Syd has also been a 4-year swimmer at the 3A State Champs meet, including individual & relay swims her Sophomore, Junior & Senior years.  As a Freshman, she was part of the Stadium 4th place overall team finish at the 3A State Champs meet.  Syd has also been the Stadium Boys Water Polo Team Manager her Junior & Senior years.  Finally, as long as there wasn’t a high school meet, she attended high school AND club practices each day!

Syd’s future plans include attending a four-year college, “away” from home.  She fully intends to swim at the collegiate level!  Her college search includes west coast schools with strong Business schools and a swim program where she can contribute right away.  If the school has an Environmental option, or if it is close to the beach, just adds to its potential.  Syd has already experienced college visits, as well as overnight swim team recruit trips to a few of the schools.  This fall has been busy getting college applications submitted to all 5 schools of interest.  It is all very exciting!  We’ll update everyone once she decides.

When we say “swimming is life”, we don’t necessarily mean it the way you may think.  The dedication, hard work and commitment to swimming provided a number of intangibles.  Swimming has given Syd life-long friends, a lifetime of memories and life lessons she’ll carry with her forever.  We would like to give a huge Thank You to all of the coaches, from the Fife pool, who have encouraged and mentored Syd.  Thank you Dave, Alicia, Wendy and Matt!