Metro Aquatics


Metro Aquatics makes every effort to keep costs at a minimum. All training fees include dual meets and special clinics such as Racing Start and Safe Sport scheduled several times through the year.

As we do not have “uniform” other than swim caps, please expect to replace the worn/torn caps when need be ($5 for latex or $20 for silicone ones).

USA Swimming membership ($79/year) is required as we are a USA Swimming registered team. Participation costs in USA Swimming sanctioned meets, both team-hosted and away, are additional and can cost $27 and more (usually, but not always, $20 to enter, and $7 per event to participate). For more information about swim meets, please go to our Swim Meets 101 page.

ONE-TIME REGISTRATION FEE  for 2020-2021 (waived before Aug 12):

• Explorers: $30
• Challengers: $40
• Achievers: $50
• Sectional: $70 ($50 before Oct 31)

TRAINING FEES for 2020-2021:

•  Explorers: $76 per month

•  Challengers: $89 per month

•  Achievers: $101 per month

•  Sectional: $113 per month


Applicable to year-round teams only. If you have two or more athletes, simply register them at the same time and the savings is automatically applied. The reduction is as follows:

2nd swimmer – 20% discount

3rd swimmer – 30% discount

4th swimmer – 40 % discount

5th swimmer – 50% discount

Please understand that the discounts cannot be applied retroactively. If your 2nd swimmer is registered at a later date, the discount will begin to apply after the second month.


Year-Round teams

-   Beginning of season: Registration fee and first month’s training fee

-   On the first of every month from October to July (season ends 2nd week of August).

    Credit cards are our most preferred mode of payment.

-   Swim meets entries will be billed and consolidated in the same statement so       

    please look at billing summary if the total charged looks different than expected.


We realize your swimmers have other activities and obligations. Therefore, at Metro Aquatics, you pay each session or month you participate.

Our Seasonal Swim Team is paid for by 10-week season (Spring or Winter), and we are not able to refund any unparticipated time.

Our Year-Round program is paid monthly, and you are able to take a break for any reason. You will not pay during those months you are on break. This includes taking time off to swim or otherwise participate in high school sports. Training fees are due before the first day of practice each pay period. The summer session spans two months.

Please notify us in writing to [email protected] by the 5th of the month before to ensure accurate billing.



If, for any reason, you wish to stop the monthly training fees from being charged to your credit card on file, please notify us in writing to [email protected] by the 5th of the month before.