Metro Aquatics Boosters

“Actively supporting our athletes as they reach for the stars.”


Board of Directors:   Gary Proctor (President)
Maleaka Carter (Vice President)
Ralph Sprout (Treasurer)
Cuauhtemo Garcia (Secretary, Athlete Rep)
Dane Wolfrom (Scholarship Admin, Coach Rep)
Committee Chairs:   Gary Proctor (Team)
Ralph Sprout (Administration, Finance & Travel)
Open (Fundraising)
Ruth Patterson (Communication & Marketing)
Open (Advocacy)
Resources:   2019-2020 M.A.B. Budget
M.A.B. Bylaws


Committee Responsibilities

Fundraising committee
The fundraising committee oversees all revenue generating business of the corporation, including: (i) hosting of swim meets; (ii) advertising; (iii) sponsorship; (iv) fundraising events; (v) specific fundraising activity attached to individual travel funds; and (vi) other responsibilities and tasks as directed by the board of directors.

Communication and marketing committee
The communication and marketing committee shall communicate our team goals and services to future members; and current news, information to current and past members. The communication and marketing committee shall act as a conduit between athletes, parents, coaches, and Metro Parks Tacoma; ensuring best possible communication to and from all entities by: (i) update pool bulletin boards; (ii) work with Metro Parks Tacoma on swim team representation in Metro Parks’ guide books, website, and other specific outlets of program information; (iii) set up booths at local neighborhood fairs; (iv) administer and maintain team website; (v) compose and submit press releases to news outlets. Coordinate other efforts to represent Metro Aquatics in the news; (vi) distribute recruitment flyers to local schools, swim teams and learn-to-swim programs; (vii) publish other flyers as needed by the organization; (viii) coordinate recruiting activities, such as “Bring a Friend Day.”; (ix) administer new member welcoming procedures; and (x) other responsibilities and tasks as directed by the board of directors.

Team committee
The team committee will maintain the team identity, morale, and support for all members all entities, and is responsible for: (i) maintain apparel inventory; (ii) plan and coordinate social team functions; (iii) support members while they represent Metro Aquatics; (iv) support members in their non-team endeavors, including high school swimming and academia; (v) administer apparel supplying, including team caps; and (vi) other responsibilities and tasks as directed by the board of directors.

Advocacy committee
The advocacy committee will build Metro Aquatics’ presence in the community, using the organization to promote the aquatic sports, local schools and teams, safety, and to help others who may benefit by: (i) plan and coordinate community service efforts; (ii) maintain positive park relations; (iii) support local schools and school swim teams; (iv) support the sport of swimming in the community; (v) secure pool access for Metro Aquatics and other aquatic entities; (vi) recruit volunteers from membership and the community to help with our endeavors; and (vii) other responsibilities and tasks as directed by the board of directors.

Administration, finance & travel committee
The administration, finance & travel committee shall ensure the continued institutional integrity and long-term fiscal stability of the organization. Responsibilities of the administration, finance & travel committee include: (i) administer budget accounts, ensuring fiscal responsibility; (ii) oversee all assets and liabilities of the corporation; (iii) invest any monies to maximize returns and enhance overall portfolio; (iv) manage bank accounts and set and implement monetary policies; (v) perform annual review and coordinate periodic outside audits; (vi) provide quarterly financial reports to president and committee chairs, outlining year-to-date status and highlighting any concerns; (vii) manage business structure to reflect mission statement; (vii) determine allocation of unbudgeted surplus revenue; (viii) oversee all travel arrangements and expenses; and (ix) set criteria for basis of scholarship awards.