2021 Western Senior Zones Meet Information

Emily Murray

Metro Zones Swimmers and Families,

I am so excited to see you all represent Metro Aquatics at Zones this year. I am looking forward to a fun meet!
Pool Assignments
Metro will be Group A/Warm up 2, our schedule is below:
Wednesday, 7/28 @ Clovis North
Warm ups at 7:40am-8:20am
Thursday, 7/29 @ Clovis North
Warm ups at 7am-7:40am
Friday, 7/30 @ Clovis West
Warm ups at 7:40am-8:20am
Saturday, 7/31 @ Clovis West
Warm ups at 7am-7:40am
All finals will be at Clovis North.
Please click this link to view the estimated timeline.
Please click this link to view the finals estimated timeline.
Pre-Meet Warm Ups
As a reminder, the pool will be open for warm ups on Monday and Tuesday. Check in with me when you’re in town and we can meet at the pool to get our last workout in and get some yard in a long course meter pool.
Monday, July 26th
Clovis North @ 9am-7pm
Tuesday, July 27th
Clovis North @ 7-10am
Clovis West @ 3-7pm
Parents and athletes, please fill out the waiver for your swimmer. Please see QR code here.
Let me know if you have any questions. 
Coach Emily