Metro Aquatics Novice Swim Teams
Way More Fun than Traditional Swim Lessons!

What are Novice Swim Teams?
Novice Swim Teams are like traditional swim lessons but way more fun! We have our swimmers learn how to swim through active skills, drills, and games instead of the traditional "sit on the side and then float" way of the 1990s and 2000s. Metro Aquatics' Novice Swim Team program is about having fun and learning to be comfortable in the water. Best of all--our average participants learn how to swim 4 times faster than in traditional lessons!

We have a maximum of 20 swimmers in each class, and there will be at least 3 coaches in the water teaching and having fun with the kids! 

Minimum heigh of 48" tall is required.

Novice Swim Team Links:

Our Competitive Swim Team:

If you are interested in joining our USA Swimming competitive swim team please follow this link to learn more.