What is our Novice Swim Team Program?
“Like Swim Lessons, but Way More Fun!”

What is Novice Swim Team?
Novice Swim Team is like traditional swim lessons but more fun! We have our swimmers learn how to swim instead of teaching them in the traditional way. Our novice swim team program is about having fun and learning to be comfortable in the water. This is a no experience swim team. Swimmers must be at least 48" tall to participate. 
Our participants learn 4x faster compared to traditional lessons!

What makes Metro Aquatics different from traditional swim lesson programs?
We are different than traditional learn to swim programs because we incorporate games and play to teach swimmers skills that translate into swimming and self-rescue. Our program model is effective and responsive to the needs of our target population because we address the barriers that prevent the BIPOC community from generally participating in swimming. We hire coaches that are diverse and resemble our target population – this allows participants to see themselves in them and therefore are comfortable participating. We coach through fun and games, this encourages swimmers to try the skills that are necessary to learn to swim because they are having fun.

What should swimmers bring with them?
Swimmers should bring a swim suit they are comfortable in and a towel. Swimmers are more than welcome to wear a swim cap and googles if they would like. We do not allow swim masks that cover more than the swimmers eyes.

What are the Novice Swim Team Levels?

We have three levels:

  1. Sand Sharks for anyone 10-and-under ranging anywhere from afraid to get in the water to making it across the pool with at least two strokes. (This replaces swim lessons for most kids.)
  2. Thresher Sharks for anyone 11-and-older ranging anywhere from afraid to get in the water to making it across the pool with at least two strokes. (This replaces swim lessons for most kids.)
  3. Tiger Sharks are for those who can swim down the pool in at least two strokes.

Please note that Sand Sharks and Thresher Sharks practice together as one group, so you register for the"Sand/Thresher Shark Group."

Is there financial aid/assitance available?
Yes, our program is "Pay what you can."  Our standard four-week session costs $55 for eight 45-minute practices. If you need a low price, please use one of the following discount codes below during registration to pay the price that you can afford:

  • NOVICE10  ($10 OFF means you will pay $45/session)
  • NOVICE20  ($20 OFF means you will pay $35/session)
  • NOVICE30  ($30 OFF means you will pay $25/session)
  • NOVICE40  ($40 OFF means you will pay $15/session)

When you start the registration process you will asked to enter a coupon code, if you want to recieve a discount, please enter your code then.

How do I register?
Instructions on how to register are available here. Our registration link is found here.