Each of our Metro Aquatics USA Swimming Coaches are certified by the CDC to have completed annual Concussion Training for Youth Sports Coaches.

Athletes with the signs and symptoms of concussion must be removed from play immediately. Continuing to play with the signs and symptoms of a concussion leaves the young athlete especially vulnerable to greater injury. There is an increased risk of significant damage from a concussion for a period of time after that concussion occurs, particularly if the athlete suffers another concussion before completely recovering from the first one. This can lead to prolonged recovery, or even to severe brain swelling (second impact syndrome) with devastating and even fatal consequences. It is well known that adolescent or teenage athlete will often under report symptoms of injuries. And concussions are no different. As a result, education of administrators, coaches, parents and athletes is the key for athlete safety.

The Zackery Lystedt Law in Washington State requires the consistent and uniform implementation of long and well established return to play concussion guidelines that have been recommended for several years: a youth athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game shall be removed from competition at that time and may not return to play until the athlete is evaluated by a licensed heath care provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussion and received written clearance to return to play from that health care provider.

A copy of our Concussion Protocol is available here.