Which Group is for Me?

Metro Aquatics employs consistent training emphases throughout the entire program. Swimmers will likely work with all of our coaches from time to time, and will benefit from this interaction. While each training group has minimum qualifying requirements, you may always decide to swim in a group below the highest level you qualify for. For example, you may meet the requirements to train in the Achievers training group, and for scheduling or facility convenience you may prefer to swim with the Challengers group. You may train in either group, and your fees and registration will reflect the choice you make. Please consult your coach about what options are available to your specific family.


Please contact Coach Emily at [email protected] or (253) 358-0216 to learn more about our program or to schedule an in person consultation to see which group would be the best for our swimmer. 

Our Swim Lessons (Non-Competitive) Program

Sharks Swim Group (Swim Lessons)

Novice Swim Team is like traditional swim lessons but more fun! We have our swimmers learn how to swim instead of teaching them in the traditional way. Our novice swim team program is about having fun and learning to be comfortable in the water. This is a no experience swim team. We are different than traditional learn to swim programs because we incorporate games and play to teach swimmers skills that translate into swimming and self-rescue. 

For more information please visit our Novice Swim Team Page here.

Our Age Group Swim Program

Explorers Group

The Explorers Group primarily focuses on increasing swimmer efficiency. Swimming fast is de-emphasized while body position and efficiency are developed. Aerobic training is administered individually, based on each swimmer’s biological age. Competitions are optional. 

Challengers Group

The Challengers Group is a step further into competitive swimming, where technique is emphasized while training and racing really start to take off. Swimmers are expected to be responsible for their stroke technique and efforts, and are encouraged to try new things. 

Achievers Group

The Achievers Group takes proper swimming technique into higher competition. Aerobic development is based on each swimmer’s biological age. Goal setting, visualization, race strategy, and training cycles are emphasized in preparation for competitive success. Competitions attendance is encouraged. 

More information about our age group program is available here.

Our Senior Swim Program

Sectional Group

The Sectional Group promotes swimming to reach the athlete's highest potential. Swimmers focus on their personal goals; and collaborate with the coaches to maintain a technical and physiological system that best provides for those goals. Competition attendance is encouraged. All high school and college swimmers are welcome.

More information about our senior program is available here.