Metro Aquatics Financial Assistance

We understand that each family has a different ability to pay for their children’s activities. The guidelines on this page are our standard financial aid qualifications. If you do not fit into any of these "boxes," please contact Yien Folino at [email protected] and she will help find a way to meet your family's needs.

All swimmers on free or reduced lunch get substantial monthly training assistance through Metro Aquatics Boosters (50-75%), waived swim team registration fee, waived USA Swimming membership, and subsidized or reduced swim meet fees. In addition, some level of financial assistance is available to any swimmer or family who requests it.

If you’re new to the team - Before proceeding with registration under subsidized rates, please email a screen shot of the lunch benefits eligibility and/or your latest tax return (please block off your SSN) to Yien Folino at [email protected].  For returning members, please register in the same category you were last unless circumstances have changed.

There are 2 tiers of subsidies, categorized by percentage relative to the 2017 Federal Poverty Guidelines with total household income falling below: