Interested in Joining Pacific Dragons Swim Team (PDST)?

There are 3 ways to request a try-out to determine the level and group assignment. We will get back to you via email with a tryout time and location. 

1. Please complete our online Try-Out Request Form

2. Alternatively, email us at [email protected] with: your swimmer's name, age and your contact info: email ID and phone #.

3. PDST can also be reached at 425-691-9165. You may leave a detailed voicemail including swimmer name, age and contact info: email ID and phone # when prompted. Online request or emailing works much better and more accurate.

Swimmers must come to the Try-Out ready to swim with proper swim training attire. Baggy shorts or ’beach wear’ are not recommended. Bring a pair of goggles and a swim cap if the child needs one. 

You will receive detailed PDST registration instruction if your swimmer is accepted by PDST immediately proceeding the tryout.

For swimmers transfer into PDST from other teams, please fill out the PNS Athlete Transfer From.

Comprehensive PDST information is captured in the PDST Swimmer and Parent Handbook. In the handbook, detailed team information and many useful links can be found. The handbook also allows any new swimmer/family who just joined PDST to know how PDST operates and ensures a smooth start.

PDST Online Registration Guide (how to do an Online Registration to join PDST)

Joining PDST by registering at PDST.