What is Outreach Membership?

In an effort to promote the sport of competitive swimming and encourage diversity, Pacific Northwest Swimming (PNS) has established an Outreach fund. The goal of the fund is to provide more swimmers with opportunities to compete by reducing some of the financial stress on their families. 

Who qualifies for Outreach Membership?

An outreach swimmer is any swimmer who qualifies for the free or reduced school lunch program (or other options available). Please view the Outreach Affiadavit form for all options. Swimmers must provide documentation to the club registrar at [email protected] and the club registrar will provide PNS with a signed Outreach Membership Affidavit of the validity of documentation.

Outreach Membership Benefits

Outreach status waives the annual USASwim/PNS registration fee and offers 20% discount on monthly membership for partial outreach and 40% for full outreach. For current outreach membership dues, please refer to the Storm Parent Handbook.

Storm registration fees, fundraising and volunteer hours are not waived. Swimmers receiving outreach discounts are not eligible for dual sport.

Meet Entry Fee Benefits

PNS offers reduced costs for outreach athletes competing in applicable swim meets. Partial Offset Athletes will pay the athlete surcharge for the applicable meet, and PNS will offset the individual event entry fees. Full Offset Athletes will receive both the athlete surcharge and individual event entry fees offset by PNS.

Outreach Membership Expectations

Outreach members in good standing must have participated in a minimum of 50% of available practices for their training group and two PNS-sanctioned competitions during each season, Season 1: September - February and Season 2: March - August.