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Remember this is at the Fidalgo Pool in Anacortes!


Meet Schedule

Session 1 & 3, 12 & Unders

Warmups start at 8:25am, arrive by 8:10am


Session 2 & 4, 13 & Overs

Warmups start at 11:45am, arrive by 11:30am



Unfortunately, there appears to be limited meet opportunities this fall, so if your swimmer is ready to compete, it is recommended that you sign them up!


SMAC Fall Kickoff (Snohomish) - October 16 & 17th

This is the closest meet we'll likely have until next year! Please have your entries in by the end of the day Friday 9/24. We need to get entries in early to make sure there is room for us! Later entries may be submitted, but may not be entered into the meet, if there isn't space. 


October Challenge (Federal Way) - October 23rd & 24th

This meet requires swimmers to meet specific time standards in order to participate. To avoid confusion qualifying swimmers will be sent an invite.


PAC "Q" Meet (Federal Way) - November 14th

One day meet, which usually requires a PNS Silver cut or faster


PNS Age Group Champs (Federal Way) - December 10th - 12th

For 14 & Under swimmers with a PNS cut.


PNS Senior Champs (Federal Way) - December 16th -19th

For 15 and older swimmers with a PNS cut.



Please join us for our mandatory member meeting on Wednesday, September 22nd at 6:30 pm. It is highly encouraged to review the member handbook prior to the meeting. Bring your questions! This is the best opportunity to get clarification on some frequently asked questions. Join us via Google meet. Attendance will be taken and 1 hour of volunteer time will be given to all families who attend. 

Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/wkx-foch-ppo
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 240-360-1068 PIN: ‪538 070 389#
More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/wkx-foch-ppo?pin=4335098047953



1) September dues have been billed for all members who have registered as of 9/10/21.

  • This bill will be automatically billed in October unless you log in to your team unify account and pay it before hand.
  • If you choose not to log in to team unify and pay your September dues before Oct 1, you will have a large bill in October that includes both September and October dues. (Team Unify is the account you log in to on our team home page at: https://www.teamunify.com/team/pnsast/page/home)

2) Fundraising Obligations:

Each swimmer’s minimum fundraising obligation is $400.00 (or $40 per month). A family with more than one swimmer has a maximum obligation of $600.00 (or $60 per month). Any change of membership or a leave of absence does not reduce your fundraising obligation for the year. Half of your annual obligation will be due on or before Feb 1st of the current swim season. 

  • If you have raised $100 ($200 for families) or more, you will not be charged at this time. 
  • If you have raised $0 - $99 ($0 - $199 for families) you will be charged the amount that will bring you to $150 ($250 for families). 
  • The remaining fundraising obligation, if any, will be due on or before July 31st of the current swim season. If you were charged in February and then were able to raise your full obligation, you will receive a refund. 

3) Alternative Fundraising Payment Options

  • Lump Sum - If you choose not to participate in our team fundraisers, pay the full amount $400/$600 on or before October 1st . 
  • Monthly Payment – If you choose not to participate in our team fundraisers you may pay your fundraising obligation in 10 equal monthly payments. $40.00 a month for individual swimmers or $60.00 a month for families of more than one swimmer. Payments will begin in September and end in June. 
  • Company Matches - Company Matches are a great way to fulfill your fundraising obligation. Ask your employer if they will match your funds as a contribution to a non-profit organization. The same rules apply to company matches as they are to sponsorships. The total of what you contribute plus the company matched funds in excess of your fundraising obligation cannot be used to pay for your individual fees or dues. The funds above and beyond your fundraising obligation will be applied as “additional fundraising.” 
  • Sponsor Credit – We highly encourage you to find sponsors for Storm. This is an easy and quick way to eliminate your fundraising obligation. A sponsor will have the opportunity to have their logo on either a team shirt, sponsor banner, or other item bought for the team as well as being mentioned in our press releases. We will also place a link from our website to theirs. A full sponsor letter is available to you explaining the benefits of sponsorships to be used as a sales tool in your quest for sponsors. A sponsor letter template is available in the Forms Section on the team website or click here for the sponsor letter and here for the sponsor form.


4) Service Hours Obligation-Volunteer Hours

  • Each family is required to volunteer at least 10 hours during the swim season. If you choose not to volunteer, you will owe $20 per hour totaling $200. Volunteer opportunities will be announced in our weekly team emails, on Facebook and our team website. You can sign up to volunteer using your Team Unify Account or the On Deck app.
  • The balance for unfulfilled service hours will be automatically billed to your account next September. The billing is done in September as there are opportunities during meets and team activities during the summer to earn volunteer hours.


5) Change of Membership (Drop In, Dual Sport, Leave of Absence)

Please remember that if you complete a Change in Membership Form (found here, on the team website), that your Fundraising and Volunteer Hours are NOT waived.


6) Withdrawal

If you WITHDRAW from the team, completing a withdrawal form, your fundraising and volunteer hours will be prorated for the amount of time you were on the team, using the Notice of Intent to Withdraw form date.

If you do not complete a withdrawal form, you will continue to be billed for monthly dues and fundraising/volunteer obligations. An email to the coach or other board member is not sufficient.  You can find the Notice of Intent to Withdraw form here on the team website.

If you have any questions or concerns about your bill, please contact Jenelle Erickson at [email protected]



Now more than ever, YOU can make a difference! Today we are kicking off our largest annual fundraiser and we are counting on your support!

Our Fundraising Goal:

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Our annual Fall Textile Drive will be taking place October 23th. Start collecting soft goods/textiles now from neighbors, friends & family. This is a fundraiser you definitely want to take part in as you can get most of your fundraising knocked out with just a little planning!


All items must be clean and in good, clean and sellable condition.

Accepted items include:

  • Clothes (bagged) - men's, women's and children's - shoes, fashion accessories, belts, purses, bags, backpacks
  • Household Textiles (bagged) - blankets, sheets, towels, tablecloths, curtains