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How Swim Meets are Organized

When you sign up for meets, you (or the coach) pick events or a specific distance and stroke for your swimmer to race (such as 50 yards freestyle). At meets, events are assigned a number based on the order which they will be swam, starting with 1. This is known as the event number. Swimmers are then placed into heats, or groups of swimmers competing in the race to match them with swimmers with similar entry times.


Big meets may have many heats, while smaller meets may just have one heat per event. Lastly swimmers are assigned a lane to race in. All of this information is available in heat sheets, which are either available for purchase at the meet, sent via email, or on the Deckpass app. Coaches have their own heat sheet as well so they can tell your swimmer where to go. In addition, timers have a sheet with the swimmers racing in their lane. It is always a good idea for your swimmer to check with the timers to see if they are in the correct lane. Before each heat is swam, the announcer will say the heat that is about to race.


It is the swimmer's responsibility to get to the correct lane, for the right event, at the right time so they can swim their races! That being said the coaches, timers, swimmers and other meet volunteers may help them figure out where to go and what to do. As a parent you may instruct your swimmer where to go if they are with you, but you may not go with them on deck. One of the primary ways you can help your swimmer is by writing on their arm with a sharpie so they always have the information they need to race their events.


How to Write on Swimmers Arm (see pinned post on facebook page)

Many swimmers find it helpful to have their events, heats, and lanes written on their arms. Since this is a lot of swimmers first meets here's a crash course:

Step 1: Look through the Heat Sheet to find your swimmers' events (each swimmer should have a max of 3 individual events and 2 relays - not all swimmers will have the max number and RELAYS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE). Make sure to find their Event Number, Heat Number, and Lane Number.

Step 2: On your swimmers' arm make a grid with E | H | L | S

Step 3: Below the grid enter the swimmers events (example below):


E | H | L | S


1 | 1 | 1 | 100 Free

13 | 1 | 5 | 50 Free


The above tells your swimmer they are in event#1, Heat 1 Lane 1 to swim the 100 free. The next event they swim is Event 13, heat 1, lane 5 for the 50 free.

Because the coach knows when and where the swimmer is supposed to swim, and how they are supposed to swim it, it is important that your swimmer talks to the coach before going to swim their event. Once your swimmer has swam their event, they should check in with the coach again.


When should your swimmer go behind the blocks / go to the staging area for their race?

In general, at least 4 heats before their race. That means your swimmer needs to talk to the coach earlier than that. For particularly short races (25s, 50s) it may be a good idea to go up before then. Because of COVID, swimmers are frequently staged, meaning they go somewhere for a meet volunteer to organize them before sending them behind their lane.


What if my swimmer misses their event?

It depends on the meet, but often the coaches can talk with the officials to have your swimmer race in another heat. Whether the swimmer is allowed to swim is up to the official's discretion. Officials tend to have less sympathy for older swimmers who miss their event.


What if I notice at the last moment my swimmers isn't behind the block?

It is at the official’s discretion whether they delay the meet to let your swimmer race, or if they start the race without them.


Starting Procedure

Multiple short whistles - this means your swimmer is to be behind the block and getting ready to race.


Long whistle - this means the swimmer should get in position to race (whether that is on the block, on the side of the pool, or in the pool).


"Take your mark" - the swimmer is to prepare themselves for the race. This can mean gripping the front of the starting block or streamlining their hands.


Electronic Beep & Flash - the race begins!


Multiple Fast Beeps - a swimmer has false started; swimmers should stop swimming and return to their starting places. The swimmers will re-swim the race.


After the race

Generally, it is considered good sportsmanship to stay in the water until your heat finishes swimming. If the meet is doing fly-over starts (This one will!) they will stay in the water until the next heat begins. After the next heat leaves, they may exit the pool. For safety reasons, swimmers should go to the side of their lane to wait rather than staying directly under the next swimmer.



Once a swimmer completes a backstroke race they should stay in the water to wait for the rest of the swimmers in their heat, then exit the pool before the next heat gets in the water.

For relays each swimmer exits the pool after they completed their leg of the race. Once the relay is complete, the last swimmer should stay in the water to wait for the rest of the heat to finish before exiting the pool.



Storm is hosting the first Summer League Meet on July 1st which means we need your help! Volunteer opportunities are now available on OnDeck and TeamUnify. Families will be allowed to commit to up to 3 volunteering positions. Sign up today to secure your spot!



If you have any remaining fundraising obligation due, it will be invoiced this week and due on or before July 31st. If you were charged in February and then were able to raise your full obligations, you will receive a refund. 


The fees for both the Storm Spring Fling IntraSquad meet (5/13) and the VAST PN Summer Sprint & Distance (6/4-6/5) have been invoiced. 


If you need assistance logging into your account to pay please contact the treasurer, Dawn Ryan for assistance. [email protected]




·         July 1st” – Summer League Meet #1 (warmups at 4:30pm)

·         July 4th – No practice, all groups

·          August 5th - final practice of season

·         August 6th – final meet of season

There will be no practice on July 4th, however practices will resume their normal schedule on Tuesday July 5th!


LAKE SWIM(Gold and Senior)

Unfortunately, the start date for lake practices have to be moved back. We hope to have our first Lake Swim practice on Wednesday July 6th at Lake Roesiger in Snohomish!



Summer League Dual Meet #1: July 1st @ Our Pool (OPEN for entries!)

Entries Due Monday!

Summer League dual meets are unsanctioned this year meaning time recorded at this meet will not be your swimmer’s official time. Since this meet is geared towards younger and/or newer swimmers, most of our swimmers that have other meet opportunities are not encouraged to swim at these this year.

Please note that if you have chosen to attend this meet, but haven’t selected any events, the coaches will pick for you! Coaches assign relays.



Seattle Senior Open: July 7th – 9th @ Coleman Pool (Seattle)

Final Entries Due Monday!

This is an outdoors long course meet in Seattle! It is the only long course meet left on our schedule that does not have any time requirements for swimmers 15 & over. Swimmers in this age group may even sign up if they have no times! Note: When you go to sign up, you may see time standards for 15 & Overs.  This is an error with the meet file sent to team, please ignore it and sign up for any event you wish to swim!


Summer League Dual Meet#2: July 15th (@ LSHS)

For Bronze 1, Bronze 2/3, Summer League swimmers

This is the second dual meet for Summer League Swimmers. This will be at the LSHS pool but hosted by the Marlins.



Age Group Seattle Open: July 15th – 16th @ Coleman Pool (Seattle)

Initial Entries Due Date: TBD

This is the second of two outdoors long course meets in Seattle. This meet will have some time standards depending on the age group and the distance being swam, however its requirements are lower than several of the other Long Course meets.



PNS Long Course Senior Champs: July 21st – 23rd @ King County Aquatic Center

Initial Entries Due Date: TBD

For swimmers with a Senior PNS LC cut! These times are faster than that of other meets, so swimmers who achieve these times are highly encouraged to participate.



PNS Long Course Age Group Champs: July 29th – 31st @ King County Aquatic Center

Initial Entries Due Date: TBD

For swimmers with an Age Group PNS LC cut! These times are faster than that of other meets, so swimmers who achieve these times are highly encouraged to participate.


Summer League Champs: August 6th @ Snohomish Aquatic Center

Initial Entries Due Date: TBD

This is our final meet for this season! Since this is the last meet, we like to have a strong showing at this one! Unlike dual meets, all groups can participate at this meet. This is a sanctioned meet!