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Storm Plaques!

If you missed the banquet and your swimmer swam at an officiated meet last year, they will have a plaque! Remember to pick it up this week if you can! Thank you to everyone who attended the fall banquet. It was wonderful to be able to finally celebrate our swimmers in person. All volunteer hours for the event have been entered. 


Practice Schedule starting on the 28th

Our schedule will be adjusted as follows in order to allow our coaches to cover more groups and to make use of our lane space.  Note that the highlighted portions are changed!

  • Bronze 1 A (11 and Unders): M/W 6:30-7:15pm, F 5-5-5:45pm
  • Bronze 1 B (12 and Overs): M/W 7:15-8pm, F 5:45-6:30pm
  • Bronze 1 C (any age): T/Th 7-7:45, F 5-5:45 for 11 and unders, 5:45-6:30 for 12 and overs
  • Bronze 2: M/W 7:15-8:15pm, F 5:45-6:45pm
  • Bronze 3: T/TH: 6-7pm, F 5:45-6:45pm
  • Silver: M/W 7:00-8:00pm, T/Th 5:30-6:30pm, F 5:30-6:30pm
  • Gold: PM practices: M/W 5:30-7pm, T/TH 7-8:30pm, F 5:30-7pm, AM practices: M/W 6:30-7:30 am
  • Senior: PM practices: M/W/F 5-7pm, T/Th 6:30-8:30pm, AM practices: M/W 6:30-7:30 am

Upcoming Dates

  • No Practice Thanksgiving (November 24th)
  •  Fun Practice (and Felicity’s final day coaching!) on Friday November 25th

Upcoming Meets

  • December 3rd & 4th FALL DIVISIONALS (sign up by 9pm on the 22nd!)
  • December 9th-11th 14 & Under PNS Champs
  • December 15th-18th Senior PNS

Of the meets coming up, Fall Divisionals will be the biggest! There are no qualifying times for it!  Please plan on attending if you can!  This is a prelims/finals meet for 11 & Over swimmers and a single session for swimmers 10 & under. 

You can sign up for meets on the events page here:


What does prelims/finals mean?

Most meets are finals only, meaning the place you get in your swim is what you get. For prelims /finals, you race once in the morning to determine placement in a second meet session in the evening. This second meet session determines the swimmer's final placement.  When a swimmer places in finals they score points for the team! Top 12 swimmers (11 & 12, 13 & 14, girls and boys) will be in finals. Swimmers who wish to swim finals need to check -in (positive check-in), or else they will be scratched. If you check-in then fail to show, you will be penalized (scratched from your next event).


Saturday Practice on 11/26

For practice on Saturday November 26th we’ll be working on Starts.

·        Gold and Silver will practice from 2-2:45pm, and are encouraged to stick around to help out afterwards!

·        Bronze 2/3 and Bronze 1 will practice from 2:45-3:30pm


Boys High School Swim Meets

The Boys high school team will have home meets at the pool on the following days:

  • 12/1- Cascade
  • 12/6- Archbishop Murphy
  • 12/15- Everett
  • 1/12- Monroe
  • 1/19- Snohomish/GP
  • 1/24- Shorecrest
  • 1/26- MP/MG

This may affect practices for Bronze 3 and/or Silver.  The boy’s team is very big so the meets could be longer.


Intrasquad Results

Thank you, families who helped out at the meet! Overall, the meet ran smoothly thanks to your help! This was our biggest meet in a while, 45 swimmers attend!  We had a lot of swimmers who hadn’t been to meets before or hadn’t attempted them in a while! The meet’s results have been posted to the event’s page, (

 While this meet was quick, having all the events in a shorter time frame can mean that swimmers didn’t get to fully recover between events.  Despite that the team had 60% best times overall. While this is good, we had roughly 19% of our swims that could have been a best time, but the swimmer was disqualified (DQ’d)! Being DQ’d isn’t the end of the world, sometimes it even happens to advanced swimmers… but they should be avoided when possible.  

How do you know if your swimmer was disqualified?

On the results you may see something that says “DQ”.  In sanctioned meets, swimmers are expected to swim their events correctly in order to receive an official time. When a swimmer fails to do so, they are disqualified, meaning the time the got at the race will not be recorded and they won’t be able to score points for the team. Scoring doesn’t matter for this meet, but its important for some of the bigger meets we’ll attend!

Here are some common reasons your swimmer may have gotten a DQ:

·        Relays - Early take-off:  a swimmer left the block/wall before the incoming swimmer touched the wall.  The incoming swimmer can be responsible for this as well if they fail to touch, or take extra strokes going into the wall making it difficult to anticipate the touch.

·        Fly: Swimmer has to touch the wall with both hands at the same time. Both arms have to come over the water at the same time, both legs have to kick at the same time.

·        Backstroke: Swimmer flipped over onto their stomach to touch the wall. They can flip over onto their stomach to do the turn, but are only allowed to do 1 freestyle pull when they do so, and they can’t glide into the wall.

·        Breaststroke: Swimmer has to touch the wall with two hands at the same time. Legs have to kick at the same time, swimmer can’t use another kick with this stroke.

·        Freestyle: Freestyle is generally difficult to DQ in, but if you miss the wall entirely on a turn, or try and anticipate the start (i.e. the swimmer lurches forward before the starting signal) the swimmer can still be DQ’d.

·        IM: ALL of the rules for the other strokes apply in this event, but in addition the swimmer can’t push off on their back for freestyle.


Boys High School Swim

If your swimmer is going to swim for your school high school consider moving to high school drop-in. The form to do so can be found here:


Note About Officiating

Our team could still use more officials! Officials make it possible to host sanctioned meets, meaning swimmer’s times will count. At the moment, it is difficult for our team to host sanctioned meets since we have to rely on officials from other teams to do so! This meet we were barely able to get the officials needed… and this was a small meet! Some of the perks include:

·        Watching races up-close

·        Learning about the sport and its rules

·        Free food at meets

Anyone who becomes a certified official will meet the volunteer requirements for the team.

If interested, contact [email protected]


Practice Saturday November 5th

For practice on Saturday November 5th we’ll be working on Starts.

·        Gold and Silver will practice from 2-2:45pm, and are encouraged to stick around to help out afterwards!

·        Bronze 2/3 and Bronze 1 will practice from 2:45-3:30pm


Upcoming Meets

·        November 12th & 13th BBST November Invite (enter by 11/1)

·        November 19th & 20th Age Group Invite (PNS Gold times and above)

·        December 3rd & 4th FALL DIVISIONALS (not yet open)

Of the meets coming up, Fall divisionals will be the biggest! There are no qualifying times for it, but swimmers who are qualified for PNS Champs can’t compete in it.  Please plan on attending if you can!

You can sign up for meets on the events page here:



Stadium Flowers Fundraiser
Thank you for your participation in the Stadium Flowers fundraiser!  Fundraising amounts (50% of total amount sold) and volunteer hours have been added to accounts.  For those who got additional donations during this fundraiser, those amounts at 100% of the amount donated have also been added to your fundraising obligations.
Boon Supply (Mixed Bag)
The Boon Supply fundraiser starts November 22nd! This fundraiser is entirely digital and orders ship directly to the person ordering. Catalogs were handed out at practice last week.  Attached you will find the  Parent Letter (or click the link) to set up your account.  Orders submitted by December 9th should be delivered by Christmas.  However, given holiday shipping issues, the earlier you order, the better!  You will earn 40% of your total order towards your fundraising obligation.  If someone gives a donation through the weblink, it will be reimbursed at 80%, as Boon Supply keeps 20%.
Email Jenelle/Elsa at  [email protected] with questions.