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Safe Sport

About Safe Sport

Safe sport is a program created by USA swimming to respond to and prevent abuse and misconduct within the sport of swimming. Safe sport works to educate, put policies in place, as well as working with LSCs and clubs to help them create and maintain a safe enviornment for their swimmers. Full implementation of the Safe Sport Program involves six key components:

  1. Policies and Guidelines
  2. Screening and Selection
  3. Training and Education
  4. Monitoring and Supervision
  5. Recognizing, Responding, and Reporting
  6. Grassroots Engagement and Feedback


Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)

Created by Safe Sport, this policy addresses risk areas that present opportunities for abuse to occur. The policy covers five (5) areas:

  1. One-on-One interactions
  2. Travel: Local and Team
  3. Social Media and Electronic Communication
  4. Locker Rooms & Changing Areas
  5. Massages & Rubdowns

The full MAAPP can be found here.


Free Online Training From Safe Sport

Safe Sport Education for Swimmers 12-17:Availabe on USA Swimming's Website


Safe Sport Training for Adult Members (18+)

This is a training course required by USA swimming for the following adults:

  • Adult Swimmers (18+)
  • Coaches (part of certification)
  • Officials
  • Board Members

This training is required for adult athletes (18+) to be able to participate in events. This is available on USA swimming website.


Safe Sport Education for Parents

Training for parents - Available on USA Swimming's website


Safe Sport Best Practices