Bronze Group 2 & 3

(Recommended for ages 9-11)

In this group they begin their journey as a competitive swimmer by focusing on the fundamentals, while having fun. Participants will learn what it takes to be a competitive swimmer both in and out of the water. This includes the basics of goal setting, nutrition, and training. In this group the emphasis is on form rather than yardage. Swimmers in Bronze 2 & 3 will be encouraged to swim in meets on a semi-regular basis to give them an opportunity to use, evaluate and improve their skills.

Swims 3 times a week, 1hr

Equipment – Goggles & attire appropriate for racing, including a team suit, water bottle

Requirements– can perform all strokes in a race legal manner for 50 yards



  • Uses proper lane etiquette during practice

  • Understands the importance of sportsmanship

  • Knows how to warm up and cool down effectively

  • Knows how to use a pace clock, and how to swim intervals


  • Knows what to do at meets

  • Participates in meets, swims up to 100 yards races


  • Has a basic understanding of the pull for each stroke

  • Kicks for all strokes can move them down the pool effectively

  • Strokes are more efficient

Starts & Turns

  • Performs racing start & relay starts from the blocks

  • Performs flip turns and open turns regularly in practice

  • Uses streamline kicks off walls