Recommend ages – 15 and up

A group for highly experienced and dedicated swimmers, usually 15 years or older, who have a strong foundation in technique, and training. This group has an increased emphasis on aerobic, anaerobic and strength training, while they continue to refine their strokes, starts and turns to an advanced level.  Swimmers in this group are expected to be leaders for the team.

Swims 5-6 times a week for 2 hours

Equipment – mesh bag, snorkel, water bottle, Zoomers, small paddles, large paddles (optional)


  • T-30 of 2,200 yards or more

  • 10 x 100s free on or under 1:20

  • 10 x 100s IM on or under 1:35

  • End of practice 200 Fly on 2:50

  • End of practice 400 IM on 5:30

  • 10 x 50s free kick on :55


  • Is dedicated to swimming, attends practices and meets

  • Sets a good example for other groups

  • Helps and/or leads lower level groups

  • Understands and uses advanced stroke, starts and turns technique

  • Continues to refine their stroke to increase efficiency & speed


Note: Dual sport is not an option for Senior group swimmers (other than High School swimming).