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(Recommended for ages 11-13)

This group is for more advanced 9-10 year-old swimmers, and swimmers in their early teens.  This group has an increased emphasis on aerobic training, swimming intervals and race strategy, while continuing to refine their stroke technique to get additional benefits. Swimmers in this group are encouraged to attend meets regularly to use, and continue to develop, the skills and conditioning they obtain during practices. Swimmers in this group will periodically do test sets to determine their conditioning.

Swims 5 times a week 1hr

Equipment – Goggles & attire appropriate for racing, including a team suit, water bottle, Zoomers

Requirements - Swimmers must demonstrate sufficiently refined strokes, starts and turns to be considered for this group.



  • Attends practice regularly

  • Understands the basics of different types of training

  • Uses proper passing etiquette


  • Participates in meets, swims races longer than 100 yards

  • Understands basic racing strategies


  • Has a deeper understanding of the pull, and its parts

  • Understands the importance of keeping a low stroke count

Starts & Turns

  • Has a deeper understanding of starts and turns, knows the basic steps involved

  • Knows how to do a backstroke to breaststroke turn for the IM