COVID-19 Safety Plan

  • Arrive at the pool no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled practice time

While we love enthusiasm and LOVE timeliness, for the time being, and to avoid overlap with other groups at the pool, swimmers need to wait to head down until 5 minutes before their practice time in order for the previous group to head out.

  • Only attend your designated practice

In order to control the number of swimmers at one time, swimmers must attend their practice groups assigned slot, and will not be able to attend a different practice time.

  • Wear a mask

Everyone needs to wear a mask to and from the lake.

  • Social Distance

Stay 6 feet from other swimmers on the shore and beach area and place swim bags 6 feet apart.

  • One adult supervisor for every 5 swimmers

We will have one adult supervisor / safety monitor for every 5 swimmers.

  • If you feel unwell - Stay Home!

If you are feeling ill in any way, please stay home.