Swim Meet Guide for New BBST Parents

Be sure to pack:  

· Swim Suit (s)  

· Caps/Googles extras because they will seem to break at the blocks  

· 3-4 towels (they will all be soaked when they get home!)  

· Warm clothes or a swim parka to stay toasty between races   

· Shoes and socks (to be worn between races)  

· Some healthy snacks  

· Water Bottle

· Book or game  


Important! With a Sharpie, please write your swimmers Event #, Heat #, Lane # and little description of what they are swimming on their arm. Here is a little grid of what it could look like. (If they don’t want it on their arm, they could have it on a 3x5 card in a Ziploc)  Sharpies work great for this!   

    E #            (event) 

    H #                (heat) 

         L #            (lane ) 





25 Fr 




25 Br 




100 IM