Why Dryland for Swimmers?  

  • Improves Health & performance
  • Reduces chances of injuries
  • Stay Engaged on Physically & Mentally
  • No Pool / No Excuses

1. Create a Workout Space

  • Find a space that is safe (Inside or Outside)
  • Flat surface + 1M taller than standing
  • 2M x 2M and minimal distractions
  • Find simple equipment: jump rope, yoga mat, light weights, bench, water bottle

2. Set a Routine

  • Schedule the workout into your day--write out a schedule
  • Consistency is Key

3. Put on a Workout Outfit

  • Be comfortable –Dedicated shorts, shirt, shoes
  • Psychology of changing (like wearing a uniform)

4. Focus on Swimming Specific Moves

  • Stability
  • Flexibility

5. Find Accountability

  • Stay Connected
  • Share Goals & Progress
  • Zoom with the team!


BBST Schedule Planner

Dryland Tracking and Timing

What makes a Great Team?


Dryland Workout Sheets--view or print to use

Flip A Coin Workout

10 x 10 Workout

SWIMO Workout

Dice Workout

Roll the Dice Workout

RPS Partner Workout