The Blackfish Challenge 

Our plan is to have a team wide event on August 7th that will bring all swimmers together to participate in a series of games and challenges. We will divide BBST into small teams that span across ages and groups. These teams will compete together to be crowned the champion of the 2021 Blackfish Challenge Games! Specific details of this day will be announced as it draws nearer, but right now the plan will be for this event to take place outdoors from 10am-1pm. Stay tuned!
For those that are new to the team, or as a reminder, the Blackfish Challenge is BBST’s primary annual fundraising effort. Each swimmer will fundraise a minimum of $250 for the Blackfish Challenge effort to support BBST. This year, through our partnership with Speedo, we are excited to award the top 20 fundraising team members with a new Speedo Teamster Bag, embroidered with a BBST logo! Fundraising can start at any point, with final totals to be sent to BBST from June 14th until July 2nd. 
Remember that 100% of donations may be tax deductible, and receipts with the team's tax ID are available to download.
Please hand checks into your coach or mail them to BBST, PO Box 5821, Bellingham, WA 98227.
Pay Pal donations can be made securely from here- just remember to include a note as to what swimmer the donation is for.


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