BISC Boosters

The Bainbridge Island Swim Club is supported by a BISC Booster Board. The elected Board of Directors on the Booster Board act on behalf of the BISC membership, supporting the coaching staff to operate a leading competitive swim program. In addition, the Booster Board coordinates most team events and activities including fundraising, staging home meets, planning award ceremonies, purchasing and maintaining swim equipment, organizing team-building activities/parties and providing general communication to members. When a swimmer joins BISC, parents or guardians automatically become members of the BISC Booster club. The list of current BISC Board members and their contact details are listed under the ‘Member Info and Resources’ tab on the BISC website. (Please note, the BISC Booster Board does not serve an advisory role to the coaches. If you have an issue that pertains to the coaches, please feel free to contact the coaches directly to discuss.)