Meet Entry Procedure

Meet entries are handled completely online through the BISC Website. 

To sign up for a meet:

  1. Click on the Meet/Events page on this website.
  2. Find the event you would like to attend and click on "Edit Commitment" which appears immediately below the event title.
  3. Click on your swimmer.  (it will show under the column titled "Member Commitment" as Undeclared )
  4. In the "Declaration" box, click on :   "Yes, please sign [swimmer name] up for this event." In the Notes box you can add specific notes if needed, eg. if you are not available for a relay or can only attend 1 day etc. 
  5. Then click on "Save Changes".  (the same process applies to decline attendance at an event)

Here is where either of 2 things can happen:

  1. If its very early, the meet information will not be available online and your commitment intention will not be complete until the meet file is available.
  2. If the meet information is available, you will then be able to select the specific events you would like your swimmer to race.  Note: If you have any questions about which events your swimmer should race, talk to your training coach.


If you have any questions regarding the eligibility or times for your swimmer, contact Head Coach Kyle Harris.