Swimming Competition & Time Standards

BISC strives to ensure that swim meets are one of the most rewarding and fun parts about swimming. We highly encourage our swimmers to participate in as many meets as possible during each swim season. Swimmers compete in their own age group and ability level.

In USA Swimming, there are two seasons: short course and long course. The short course season is the “winter” season and runs from late September to the beginning of April. Meets are held in 25-yard pools and events are recorded as Short Course Yards(SCY). The long course season is the “summer” season and takes place from mid-April to the beginning of August. Meets are typically held in 50-meter pools(Olympic) and events are recorded in Long Course Meters (LCM).

Each season culminates with Championship meets at different levels (local, regional/sectional, zone, and national). In order to attend Championship meets, you must qualify by meeting a set time standard. As a team, BISC is a member of Pacific Northwest Swimming (PNS). The Classes of Swim Competition BISC most frequently participates in are governed by PNS Rules & Procedures. These procedures identify the eligibility, classification, type, order and timing of all events swum at these sanctioned meets. Through out both seasons BISC also offers inter-squad and home meets to prepare swimmers for the more rigorous sanctioned meets.

  • 2021 PNS SC SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS - coming soon
  • 2021 PNS SC 14&U CHAMPIONSHIPS - coming soon

  • 2022 SPEEDO CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES - coming soon
  • 2022 NORTHWEST AGE GROUP REGIONALS - coming soon