Fees and Outreach

Practice Group Fees

The rates below reflect the monthly breakdown of annual costs for each training group. For each additional swimmer in a family there is an addiitonal discount to the families overal dues. 

Swimmers who elect to swim for both BISC and their High School Swim & Dive team will pay the rates listed next to BISC/HS Swim option during the high school season. Swimmers that elect to participate in this option will not be included within the "Multi Swimmer Discount," and this swimmer needs to have a "Change of Billing" form accompany their registration paperwork at the begining of the season.

Swimmers who complete fall registration with BISC and wish to swim for their high school team ONLY are allowed one leave of absence per year to participate on their school swim team. This leave suspends dues for a maximum of 12 weeks, and BISC will hold a registered swimmer’s place on the team until the conclusion of their school championship meet. There are no leaves of absence for sports other than swimming.


2022-23 Monthly Rates



Silver or BISC-HS Swim












Junior Nationals



Payment Policy

Each family’s bill is generated on Team Unify the first day of the month, for the upcoming month. Swim meet fees are usually generated within a week after a meet occurs and will show up with the next month’s balance owed. However, there may be a delay of one month when meets are held near the end of the month. An email notification of the balance due and payments made will be sent on the first of each month. Payment is due by the 25th of each month. If you do not sign up for the automatic installment billing, it is your responsibility to make payments on or before the 25th of each month.

Change of Billing Application

There are options for swimmers to change their billing. These changes accommodate: 1) those who wish to take a three month leave from the team during their high school season, 2) those who wish to swim for both BISC and their high school team at a reduced rate, 3) people who want to leave the team permanently, 4) athletes who change roster/billing groups, or 5) an athlete establishing a medical leave (one month max.) which must be accompanied by a written recommendation by the physician treating the condition. This application must contain all required signatures (parent, coach) and must be submitted by the 25th day of the month prior to the change taking place.

Late Payment

If payment is not received by the 25th day of the month, a $20 late fee will be added on the 26th. The swimmer(s) may be removed from practices until the account is settled.

While this may sound strict, the only way we can run BISC on a balanced budget is to rigorously enforce the payment of fees. Remember that BISC has coaches’ salaries, benefits, and facility maintenance to pay each month, so these policies are designed to keep up with our costs and hold our team fiscally responsible.


Financial Assistance

The Bainbridge Island Swim Club is excited to be able to offer financial assistance to families in need. This financial assistance is generously supported by fundraising from the BISC Boosters and is administered with assistance from Helpline House and the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Department (BIMPRD). The objective is to help children learn and grow through participation in BISC regardless of a family’s financial means.

What is covered? For how long?

  • A portion (75%, 50%, or 25%) of BIMPRD’s monthly program dues for one (1) season. The percentage covered will be based on a family’s need, as determined by Helpline. The exact amount will depend on need as well as the practice group assigned to the swimmer(s) at the beginning of the season. Those recommended by Helpline for a 75% level of need will be filled first. In other words, the neediest have priority. If additional funds are available, then those at the 50% level will be filled, followed by those at the 25% level. No aid is guaranteed- -depends on available funds.
  • Aid will be provided on an annual basis starting in the fall—i.e., for 1 season but renewable if funds available; no mid-season applications considered.
  • All applicants must be evaluated by Helpline each year. Unfortunately, for budgeting reasons, aid cannot be adjusted if a swimmer moves to a more expensive group later. Aid may be suspended if funds run out or if a swimmer does not maintain commitment to BISC. Also, even if Helpline recommends aid, funds may not be available.

What is NOT covered?

  • All other costs (e.g. meet entry, swim gear, social fees, travel costs, remaining dues).
  • The application lists examples of other BISC-related costs as well as other sources of financial assistance. The application is available at Helpline.

How do I see if I am eligible?

  • Make an appointment with a Helpline social worker and provide supporting documents showing your need. Here is Helpline’s contact info:
    • Phone/206-842-7621; Address /282 Knechtel Way NE, Bainbridge Island
    • Website: helplinehouse.org or email:
    • Helpline will provide the application and information regarding the next steps. Notification of award will be made by BIMPRD or BISC Booster members

PNS Outreach Membership

Outreach membership offers qualified individuals the opportunity to become a USA Swimming year-round athlete member at a reduced fee. The national fee for outreach membership is $5.00 and Pacific Northwest Swimming pays that fee. The goal is to provide opportunities in swimming to under-represented and/or economically disadvantaged youth in the United States.

Outreach membership affords the athlete the same benefits as regular, full year USA Swimming membership: insurance coverage, Splash Magazine subscription, and the opportunity to practice with a member club and participate in any USA Swimming sanctioned or approved competition.

To register an athlete under the Outreach Membership category, use the regular registration form, but write “outreach” across the top of the form or indicate via radio button in Team Manager or Team Unify when submitting electronic files. Do not send in any funds for the outreach registration. Athletes are eligible for outreach membership if they can provide proof of a family income less than 100% (Full Offset Athlete) or 200% (Partial Offset Athlete) ** of the federal poverty level per AD-17- 01. Club Representative will need to sign and submit the PNS Outreach Membership AFFADAVIT (posted on the PNS website under SWIMMERS>OUTREACH dropdown box) indicating they have seen documentation demonstrating family qualification.

Heidloff Outreach Fund

To promote the sport of competitive swimming and encourage diversity, PNS established an Outreach Fund. The goal of the fund is to provide more swimmers with opportunities to compete by reducing some of the financial stress on their families. The initial funding of this program was inspired by the donations received in memory of Jena Heidloff.

At the time of meet entry, the person preparing meet entries will submit Meet Entry Voucher A for meets within PNS, Meet Entry Voucher B for national meets as indicated (posted on the PNS website SWIMMERS > OUTREACH dropdown box). These vouchers need to be turned in with the swimmers meet entry information and will be sent to the meet host in lieu of the swimmers entry fees. The meet host will then send the voucher to the PNS office WITH the meet summary report. In addition, the meet host will deduct the total of the “voucher” entry fees from the total meet tap due PNS. Per AD-17-01 swimmers below 200% of national poverty level shall be considered Partial Offset Athlete and swimmers below 100% of national poverty level shall be considered Full Offset Athlete. The swimmer must attend the meet they entered or be liable for the total of the entry fees initially waived on the submitted voucher. Donations to the Outreach Fund are welcome and can be sent to the PNS Office.

USA Swimming has additional information related to Diversity and Inclusion on their website www.usaswimming.org/diversit