Annual Fees 2022-2023


 Yearly Fee

SMAC Registration Fee

 $150.00 (per family) +

 $38.00 (per swimmer) for Team T-shirt/cap

After April 1 (through end of season)

 $75.00 (per family) +

 $38.00 (per swimmer) for Team T-shirt/cap

USA/PNS (Pacific Northwest Swimming) Dues

 $84.00 (per swimmer)*

*These will be paid by you directly to USA Swimming 

Annual Fundraising Obligation

 $125.00 (per swimmer)

Annual Volunteer Obligation 

See Below

Monthly Training Fees 2022-2023


 Monthly Fee/Swimmer 



Stroke Development


Age Group




Age Group Performance




Senior Performance





Training Groups

For details about Training Groups please check the Groups/Schedule tab

Resignation Policy

If you elect to stop swimming during the season (either permanently or for a single month), you need to notify the office at [email protected] by the 15th of last month you are swimming. 

For example, if you want to stop as of February 28, you need to notify us by February 15, otherwise you will be charged for March.  We plan for pool time and coaches based on projected swimmers and we need advance notice in order to do this. 

SMAC bills fees monthly for September through July (no fees for August as there is no swimming in August).  Partial months (whether you join during a month or SMAC is on break for part of the month) are billed at the full monthly fee.

SMAC requires all families to pay by bank draft or credit card (see "Set Up Autopay" under "My Account").  If you choose to pay by credit card, SMAC will add the credit card processing fee to your account.

Resignation/Suspension of Membership Policy

Volunteer Service

SMAC requires each family to perform at least the following hours of volunteer service to the team over the course of the season:

  • Senior Performance and National - 36 hours
  • Age Group Performance - 28 hours
  • Senior and Age Group - 16 hours
  • Fitness and Stroke Development - 10 hours
  • Catfish - 8 hours

     (where total hours commitment is determined by the most senior swimmer in the family)

If you do not perform these hours, you will be charged $40 for each hour you are short of this amount (at the end of the season or when you leave the team, whichever is earlier).  The volunteer hours obligation is pro-rated at 20% per month (so if you swim for 2 months, you would have 40% of the total obligation, swim for 3 months, you would have 60% of the total obligation and if you swim for 5 months or more you would have 100% of the total obligation).

As part of your volunteer obligation, every family is required to volunteer for at least one shift at each SMAC hosted meet (whether or not you have already met your volunteer obligations through other work AND whether or not your swimmer is swimming in the meet).  This policy will be enforced until all shifts are full--particularly for any major meets SMAC hosts such as Age Group Invitational or Senior Sectionals.  We need your help to host these meets!

Volunteer Service Membership Policy


SMAC requires each swimmer to raise at least $125 at the annual Swim-a-thon.  If you do not raise at least this amount, you will be charged for the amount short of $125 (following the Swim-a-thon, or if you leave the team before the Swim-a-thon, upon your departure).  If you join after the Swim-a-thon you will be obligated to raise this in some other fashion.  If you swim 3 months or less, your obligation will be pro-rated 50%.

Fundraising Policy

These policies apply to each family and each swimmer, regardless of whether you swim for the whole year or just part of the year.